We Believe Social Media Management Should Be Easy!

Let us automate your social media management today!

Step 1: You Share Your Vision With Us

You tell us what your audience needs to hear about you and your business and we collaborate together on a plan.

Step 2: We Create Original Content

Our team of USA based writers and social media strategists come up with customized original content.

Step 3: You Approve the Content

After you approve the original content we created for you, we will share it over the course of the month.

Our one of a kind three-step process makes managing social media so easy that our clients spend less than 21 minutes per month on this task when they start using our service.

Are you ready to free  yourself from the chore of managing social media marketing every day? If so, you've come to the right place! We provide a solution that's affordable, easy to use and effective.

Let Automate Your Social take care of all your social marketing needs.

“Everyone loves it and so do I. Thank you, Gabe and team! I know the timeframe was short but I am so happy with the campaign you were able to do!” - Deby L

Subscription Pricing


Our Standard 10/10/10 Legacy format. This is a good choice for any client who that just wishes to have daily content reach their followers. This content is not branded or targeted at the client's audience.

  • 10 relevant posts linking to their business or blog
  • 10 news posts or relevant articles. (i.e. Tax news for tax companies or health news for clinics)
  • 10 Motivational, Inspirational style posts


This level is designed to give an added level of personal branding over the content flow provided in Starter plans.

  • 10 Branded posts or links
  • Branded content will have your company logo, slogan or image in your featured listings.
  • 10 news posts or relevant articles. (i.e. Tax news for tax companies or health news for clinics)
  • 10 Motivational, inspirational style posts


We will work with you to develop a targeted strategy for your audience. This content will post each day, Monday-Friday, and use branded imagery or logos whenever possible.

Example 7 Day Social Strategy:

Sunday = Inspiration
Monday = Food for thought
Tuesday = Product Promo
Wednesday = Personal blog link
Thursday = Personal Challenge
Friday = Promotion


Additional $499/month 

With the addition of Instagram service to your Automate Your Social Account you can expect the following additional services: 

• Individualized keyword strategy
• Thoughtfully curated Hashtags, included branded Hashtags
• All Instagram images will contain branding, logos or slogans where appropriate