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The Key to Social Media? Be Social

Everybody wants to “win” at social media marketing, but not everyone knows how. You’re probably wondering as well — that’s why you’re reading this!

Here’s the secret — the key to winning at social media is the “Social.” Want to know how you can make it work for you? Read on!

Social Media Changes FAST

When we bring up social media from a business perspective, most people think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and maybe Pinterest or a few other sites and apps. Some of us probably remember having a cringe-worthy MySpace page or Bebo account, and while that seems like ancient history today, we can trace the concept of social media back to the early days of the internet and electronic bulletin board systems. That was before we got good at digitizing images or compressing data so there was no Instagram, and we didn’t carry phones in our pockets yet, so Twitter would have to wait a couple of decades too.

I’m not trying to give you a history of the internet, just illustrating a point — that social media has changed a lot over the years. From text on a CRT monitor, to immersive apps on a smartphone, the evolution of digital interaction is staggering. 

Not only has social media evolved and altered the way we communicate with friends, family, coworkers and even strangers, but it has also changed the way that we buy, sell, market and advertise.

That change is only going to continue. Right now Facebook seems like a permanent fixture in our lives, as if it will never go away. Yet we have no actual way of knowing that — lots of us thought that we’d be on MySpace forever. We have no idea what’s coming up just around the corner. With that uncertainty, it’s difficult to see how anyone can plan an effective long-term social media strategy.

What does that mean for social media marketing?

Well, first things first — there’s a lot of garbage social media marketing strategies out there. Every day, someone advertises a new way to “hack the algorithm,” or “game the app.” Someone will always happily sell you a new technique that they swear will make you go viral. 

Here’s the thing, all of those techniques and strategies may have worked at one point. The problem is that social media changes so quickly that by the time you develop, package and sell a course to teach a new strategy, it’s probably not that effective anymore. 

The second problem with social media marketing is that all of the attempts at “hacking” the secret to going viral miss the point of social media in the first place — engagement. Social media wasn’t developed primarily to sell things. Rather, people wanted to build a way to communicate on the digital frontier. Now that frontier has been settled, and most of us interact via social media every day. That’s what makes it so attractive to marketers. Everybody’s on it!

How can we do Social Media Marketing right?

Remember, the secret to successfully using social media is right there in the name. 

Be social.

For social media to work for you and your business, you have to engage with your followers. Too many people treat Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter like billboards, when they’re actually communities. The results? Less than stellar. 

Here’s a little hypothetical explanation. 

Imagine you’re at your favorite hangout. Maybe it’s a coffee shop, a bar, an arcade or even the gym. You’re there with friends, enjoying yourself and making conversation. Now imagine someone walking up and immediately telling you about their product or service. No small talk. No chatting. No engagement. Even if you would normally have an interest in what they’re selling, you’re probably not going to give them a call, just because of how they interacted with you. 

That’s how too many businesses approach social media. They just walk up and shout, “BUY MY PRODUCT!”

What’s the Alternative?

Put yourself back at that hangout spot. Imagine someone walking up and saying, “Sorry to interrupt, but I overheard your conversation and I find that subject very interesting. I’d love to hear your opinion on it.” This person shares interesting information, tells funny anecdotes and gives helpful suggestions. From your conversations, you know that this person sells a product or a service, but they don’t cram it down your throat. Then one day you complain of a problem, and they inform you that their business solves that exact problem at a reasonable cost. They offer to show you how it works if you’re interested but if it’s not right for you, no big deal. Whether you decide to become a customer or not, this person continues interacting with you in an enjoyable way. 

This is the right way to do social media marketing! By engaging with the community you hope to serve, and helping them solve problems. Cynics and skeptics read this and say, “so you want me to go pretend to be friendly with people just to make a sale?”

No. That’s not what I want anyone to do. Don’t pretend to engage — actually do it! 

Look back at the above example. The person who walks up and asks to chat isn’t faking it to try to sell you something. They’re simply trying to create a new friendship with an interesting person. Only once they know that your problem can be solved by their product or service do they offer to show you how it works to see if you’d be interested in buying. No high pressure sales techniques, no bait and switch. Just human interaction.  

Moving the Example Online

Of course it works out a little differently online, but the principle is the same. Here are the steps:


Provide value.

Demonstrate how you solve problems.

Offer them your product or service.

Keep engaging.

EPDOK is a pretty crummy acronym, but these steps work when it comes to social media marketing. How you implement it is up to you. Different companies take different approaches — some serve as news aggregators, sharing information and articles that they know will be helpful to their audience, then interacting with commenters. Others provide entertainment value, even going so far as to tease some of their followers who comment — The official Wendy’s Twitter account is a great example of using jokes, memes and humorous reposts to engage with an audience. 

Does This Mean I Shouldn’t Post Ads?

It’s not that you should never post ads. There’s nothing wrong with a well-written ad, they just shouldn’t be your only content. Remember, social media is a community, not a billboard. If all you have to offer are ads, then you’re not adding much value to the community. Once you do create that value however, those ads will be received much more positively. Again, take a look at the Wendy’s Twitter account — you’ll see ads. You won’t see just ads. 

To successfully engage, you have to share content consistently. Not constantly, but consistently. Whether you share serious information, helpful blog posts or just entertaining stories and pictures, you need to share consistently. 

Why Most People Fail at This

Here’s the challenge; actively using social media takes time and effort. That’s why people love the idea of “beating the algorithm” or paying for likes and subscribers. It seems like a shortcut, but while it may provide some short-term traffic, it won’t ever offer any long-term sustainable growth or connection to an audience. 

Creating content to share, or sometimes just finding it, takes time. Posting it takes time. 

And all of that just provides the foundation for engagement! The actual interactions — likes, comments, shares, follows, etc — take time too. 

Which is why we started Automate Your Social. We help you develop that social media foundation, build an audience, and demonstrate value so that you don’t have to do it alone. This frees up time and energy to actually engage with your audience, converting the right people into customers. 

Ready to find out if Automate your Social is the right fit for you? Contact us for a consultation and we’ll discuss what we can do for you!

Twitter Can Help You Grow: Here’s How to Use the Social Platform

Twitter is a social media platform that serves as a news source for many of its users, while also facilitating communication and bringing people together. With about 67 million active users in the U.S., Twitter is one of the top social media platforms. Twitter can help your business reach existing customers and position your brand in front of new customers to help grow your business. Here’s what you need to know in order to use Twitter to grow your business.

Set Up Your Account

When setting up a business account on any platform, it is important to provide full and complete information. This helps users learn about your business and get to know your brand. Some pieces of information are required on Twitter, such as your name and handle. Your name is simply your business name, and your handle is the shortened name you choose that is preceded by the at symbol (@). A handle is important on Twitter and this is how others will tag you in posts. Finding the right handle can be tricky. You want something that clearly represents your brand and is easy to read and understand, as well as being available.

All In

Also fill out the optional information, like your bio and location as well as your profile and banner images. The more information you provide, the more users can get to know your brand. Everything needs to be cohesive and showcase your brand. This will help your business appear serious and professional and ensure users recognize your account as representing your brand.

Use Hashtags

Twitter is known for hashtags, which are words or phrases that follow a pound sign (#). Users can search Twitter by hashtags, so including relevant hashtags in your posts can help users find those posts. Hashtags are particularly handy for helping users who do not already follow you, find your posts. This is a great opportunity to spread your reach and introduce your brand to new users.

Find Relevant Hashtags

It can be enticing to use a bunch of hashtags to help increase the visibility of posts. Resist the urge and only add a couple of relevant hashtags. Going overboard may give your posts the appearance of being almost like spam, and can turn users off from engaging with your posts.

Start Trending

Twitter makes it easy for users to see what hashtags are trending. Simply go to the search page and scroll to see what hashtags are currently popular. Using a trending hashtag, when relevant to your post, can help increase how many users see your post and learn about your brand. The key is to make sure the trending hashtag is relevant. Trying to latch onto a trend when it just doesn’t make sense will do nothing to increase engagement and may actually hurt your brand’s image.

Include Multimedia

Photos, gifs and videos do well on all social media platforms, and Twitter is no exception. Include images and other forms of multimedia to help generate interest and get users to interact with your tweets. Eye-catching and relevant multimedia will cause users to stop scrolling through their feed to see what your post is all about. Twitter even features a built-in gif keyboard to make it easy to find the right image.

Poll Users

A built-in poll feature further increases engagement. Add a poll to learn more about what your followers think. This can help steer decisions about new products and services and the direction you take your brand, but it can also be fun, show users your brand’s personality and help raise awareness of your brand.

Grow Your Community

Social media is ultimately about being social. Follow members of your community, whether they be customers, influencers, vendors, media and even competitors. As you build your network, it is important to engage with these users and like, comment and share their posts. This will help support your industry, but also increase the awareness and recognition of your brand.

Create Lists

Twitter makes it easy to organize users by groups using the list function. You can create and add users to lists, so you can easily zero-in on posts made by specific users. For instance, you can generate a list of industry influencers or members of the media and add relevant users to those lists. When you go to those lists, you will see all of the posts made by those users. This is a great way to see a custom feed and help streamline the act of community building.

Start Growing with Twitter

As one of the top social media platforms, Twitter has a lot to offer your business. Mastering how to use Twitter can help you reach a wide audience and grow your business. If you want to learn more about leveraging Twitter for your business, reach out to the Automate Your Social team, and we can help!

Twitter Search Tips to Get Your Business More Followers

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most valuable platforms you have available to you is Twitter. As one of the “big three” (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), you can reach a massive audience, thanks to the 336 million users on the site.

However, while there are tons of people on Twitter, how can you make sure that they’re following you? There are several tried and true methods, but today we’re going to discuss how you can use searching to your advantage. Here are the top tricks that will help you increase your follower count.

Search for Your Business

One of the primary purposes of Twitter is for people across the platform to have a conversation about a particular topic, either using hashtags or referencing something or someone directly. Thus, if you start searching for your company name, that will help you find people who are already talking about your brand, even if they aren’t tagging you or messaging you.

However, when searching for yourself, you may have to use a few different methods to ensure that you’re finding the right results. For example, if you have a relatively generic name, there could be other companies out there with the same handle.

Instead, you might try one of these methods.

  • Search for your Twitter handle. By using @yourbusiness instead of just the name, you can see when people are referencing you directly.
  • Use -HTTP when searching. Adding this tag to the search will narrow it down by your website address.
  • Use quotation marks. Generally, Twitter will search for tweets that have one or more of the words listed. By using quotation marks, it will only search for that name. Thus, instead of tweets with “your” and “business,” it will only curate ones with “your business” together.

Monitor Your Follower’s Conversations

One of the best ways to increase your follower count is to interact and engage with them. When people see a brand participating in a conversation or being more interactive, they are far more likely to follow and share their content.

An excellent way to do this is to go to your followers and see what they’re talking about so that you can use it as a means of joining in. While you don’t want to be too obtuse about it, any discussions that are related to your industry could be a starting point. Also, it will provide insight into what your followers are interested in, meaning that you can tailor your message and content around it.

Pay special attention to things that people are sharing and tagging in their tweets. Over time, you’ll be able to understand what gets shared and talked about the most, enabling you to create tweets and posts that will get a lot of feedback.

Search for Your Content

People will share things without crediting the creator all the time. As a business, you want to tap into this market, particularly if your content is unique to your industry or your brand. The easiest way to do this is to search for the exact URL you posted and see who is sharing it.

Since you already know that these users are interested in what you have to offer, now is an opportunity to reach out and engage with them. Some of them may be leads, while others may just want to follow you and find out more. Either way, it’s a winning situation for you.

Look at Trending Topics

Twitter is helpful at showing which content and hashtags are trending the most. This will help you get involved in the conversation and build your follower base because you’ll be part of something people are actively searching for on the site.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you want to be knowledgeable about each topic before you chime in. Twitter is a place for some deep social conversations about touchy subjects, so you don’t want to seem tone deaf in your approach.

Instead, focus on trends that are related to your industry or relatively light-hearted, like a national food day. This will help you steer clear of dangerous topics that could backfire.

Monitor Conversations in Your Orbit

Another tool that Twitter offers is the ability to see what’s trending near you. As a local business, you can benefit immensely because you’re reaching followers who are close by, rather than people who could be across the continent.

Not only will local searches make it easier to find qualified leads and followers, but it will enable you to see what’s happening and what people are talking about in your particular area. Thus, instead of participating in a national conversation about a topic, you can be much more relatable to users that are close by.

Contact Automate Your Social Today

If you’re ready to make the most of your Twitter profile, contact us today. We know what it takes to get leads and interact with followers organically, and we’ll be able to set up automated tools that will ensure that your success continues in the long-term.


Strategies For Using Twitter to Market Your Business

With an estimated 335 million active monthly users, Twitter is a marketing juggernaut. All social media platforms have the ability to connect brands directly to their customers, but with so many users, it is likely many of your customers spend time on Twitter. Learn how to leverage Twitter to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand, drive users to your site and build sales.

Make the Most of Your Bio

Before you even start tweeting, the very first thing to do is fill in your bio. Your bio should tell visitors who you are and make it clear what your brand is about. The tone of your bio and your profile image should be consistent with your overall branding. Include links to your website so people can learn more.

Tweet Daily

Tweets are a reminder of your brand, so when you tweet daily, you will help position your brand in front of your customers, even if for a brief moment. Consistently tweeting shows users you are active and keeps your brand at the front of the mind of your followers. Going days, weeks or even months without posting may cause followers to forget about your brand or question if you are even still in business.

Tweet Quality Content

Daily tweeters matter, but the content you share is equally important. Habitually sharing high-quality and useful content will establish your brand as a reliable source. This content can come from your own blog, or you can share useful information from industry publications and other sites. When your followers realize you always share good content, they will begin to seek you out when they have questions. This isn’t to say you cannot share a funny meme, a motivational image or holiday wishes, but the majority of your posts should provide value.

Use Search

Twitter offers a search feature that is easy to set up. Search terms related to your business and be ready to join the conversation when you have something relevant to add. This will help you reach new prospects while also further establishing your brand as a reliable source of information.

Get Visual

Include images, video and emojis in your tweets whenever possible. People are visual, and an image or video is more effective at catching people’s interest and pulling them in than just a block of text. Including visual content in your tweets translates into more clicks, favorites and retweets.

Engage with Your Followers

Constantly talking about your brand and pushing your agenda will get boring for your followers. Everyone understands that your ultimate goal is to promote your business, but mix things up and engage with your followers. Favorite and retweet relevant posts, answer questions, ask questions and find ways to connect with your audience. This type of interaction will help provide varied content in your feed, but it also helps to make your brand seem approachable.

Engage with Influencers

Find out who in your industry is a big deal. These people may be experts, customers, bloggers, journalists, other members of the media and even competitors. Follow these people and engage with them. Engaging with your industry-specific influencers can introduce or reintroduce your brand to a new crop of potential customers. Forming a close rapport with industry influencers can also result in guest blogging or collaboration opportunities, which can further expand your reach.

Get Your Team Involved

Make sure your employees follow your feed and encourage them to favorite, retweet and interact with your brand. Every favorite and retweet helps your standing and will spread your message to a larger audience.

Return the Favor

When someone follows you, make sure to follow them back and check out their posts to see if there is anything worth liking or sharing. Follow up when users tag you in a post or retweet one of your posts. These steps will help get your relationship off to a good start and maintain a good rapport between your brand and your followers.

Ask for Help

Encourage your followers to retweet your tweets or share your blog posts across Twitter to increase engagement. Every share and retweet helps increase your brand’s recognition. Sometimes just asking is enough to get your followers to lend a hand and help out.

Check the Metrics

Twitter offers analytics that can help you understand what is working, and possibly more importantly, what is not working. Check it out to figure out the best days of the week and times of day to tweet. When you see what your followers are responding to, you can replicate the formula. Identifying what does not work helps you know when to move on and try something else.

Start Strategizing

Twitter can prove to be an invaluable marketing resource if you know how to properly use it. Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have a tip that didn’t make this roundup? Let us know! Learn more and find out how Automate Your Social can help take your marketing to the next level.

Ways to Use Your Twitter Login to Boost Audience Reaction

Getting traction on Twitter can be a challenge, but if you master this challenge, the payout can be huge. With so much content already out there, it can be hard to get a tweet in edgewise, but with some simple tips and tricks, you can build a loyal and engaged following that will seek out your content. Here are six ways to use your Twitter login to boost audience reaction.

1. Include Visuals

Now that images no longer impact the character count limitations on each tweet, there is nothing holding you back from including photos, GIFs and other visual content. Twitter started out as a very text heavy platform, and there will always be a place for text. However, text is usually boring to look at, and in a sea of text-exclusive posts, your tweets may be lost. Help your posts stand out by including relevant images, infographics and more. Anything that is visually interesting will pull your followers in and encourage them to read your tweets and follow your links. Even including emojis can help make your tweets visually interesting.

The ideal images will be stunning and visually engaging. Photos should be high resolution and feature a strong focal point. When using pictures, make sure you have the rights to use the images. Get creative and design your own images or graphics for customized content. Subscription services, like Adobe Spark, allow you to create visual content with ease.

2. Be Brief

Just because you have 280 characters available per tweet, it doesn’t mean you need to use each and every one. Lengthy tweets are more likely to be overlooked, so keep your posts short and to the point. There will certainly be times you need to push the character count restrictions to the limit in order to get your point across, but generally, the shorter, the better when it comes to crafting the perfect tweet.

3. Avoid Spoilers

When using Twitter to get readers to check out your blog or your site, make sure not to reveal too much. If your tweet completely sums up the blog post you are linking to, then your followers have no reason to follow the link and check out your post. Craft your tweets to tease your followers and get them interested in learning more while enticing them to read your blog. A great way to do this is by asking questions in your tweet and directing your followers to follow a link to learn the answer.

4. Repeat Yourself

Constantly tweeting the same info verbatim is bad form and will likely cost you some followers. However, with the amount of tweets in most user’s feeds, it is completely possible that your followers may miss a tweet on occasion. Sharing content repeatedly and on different days and at different times will increase the odds that your followers will see it at least once.

When sharing the same content via Twitter, make sure to mix things up so each post is different and engaging. Change the image and text so users who happen see all of the tweets are not bored or irritated by your persistence. Swap out hashtags to reach a broader audience. Spread these tweets out over several days and even weeks and tweet on other topics in between in order to provide varied content. This technique can also give new life to old content. Share old but still relevant content occasionally to provide value to your followers and possibly generate some clicks.

5. Survey Your Followers

Create engagement and get a reaction by asking your followers questions. Brainstorm relevant questions that your followers may have about your brand or your industry and put these questions out there in a poll. Use the info collected through the survey to create content that appeals to your readers. When you share the content on Twitter, make sure to tag users who participated in the poll to let them know you value their feedback.

6. Create a Community

Constantly promoting yourself will get old quick, so share useful and relevant articles from other users and sources. Make sure to tag the source to give credit where it is due, even if that means mentioning your competition. Continually providing useful and relevant content, even from other sources, will help your followers identify your brand as a trusted source. This move helps to establish your brand as an authority in your field and builds goodwill across the industry.

Boost Engagement

When leveraged effectively, your Twitter login can help boost audience reaction. Engaged followers develop a relationship with and are more interested in your brand, and more likely to share your posts and expand your reach to a wider audience. Putting these tips to use can boost your engagement. Learn more and find out how Automate Your Social can help boost your audience reaction.