Convert Friends to Customers: Tips to Optimize Facebook Marketing

Convert Friends to Customers: Tips to Optimize Facebook Marketing

Social media brings people together and creates a space for friends and family to connect. Social media is also an excellent sales tool that if leveraged properly, can position your business in front of both customers and potential customers. More than half of Americans use social media, so here’s how you can optimize your Facebook marketing to convert your friends to customers.

What are the Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

People like to do business with people they know. Large faceless businesses often seem impersonal, but the people in your social media network know you as a person or see the people behind your brand. There is a level of trust that develops between users and brands that makes people more inclined to purchase your products or services.

When a follower likes your page or comments or shares posts they are endorsing and advocating for your brand. A staggering 83 percent of people polled indicate they value and trust recommendations from friends and family.

This organic marketing works like a testimony to the people in your friend’s networks. Social media marketing can introduce your brand to a new audience and helps to quickly and effectively establish trust between these new potential customers and your brand.

People Use Social Media to Connect with Their Friends, Not to Shop. You Need to Change Their Mind

When buyers are considering a purchase, they go through a series of steps to find the right solution. First, consumers must identify a need or become aware of a product or service they need or want. Second, consumers need to consider the solutions available with your business, as well as competitors.

Lastly, consumers need to make a purchasing decision. Your business can use Facebook to help your followers understand how your business can address their needs and help them make the right purchasing decision.

Get to Know Your Facebook Followers

When you know and understand your followers, you can tailor your outreach to appeal and effectively convert friends to customers. Facebook offers a tool known as Page Insights that collects a wealth of information about your demographic and neatly and concisely delivers this data to you.

Using Page Insights, you can learn the basics, like age, gender and location. You can dig a bit deeper into the metrics to find out how many people have seen specific posts, how they reacted to your posts, when your followers are most active and more. When you understand this information, you can create content that will appeal to your followers, address their needs and maximize engagement and ultimately sales.

Constantly Evaluate and Fine-Tune Your Approach

Reviewing analytics is not necessarily fun or exciting, but this information is valuable and can help steer your marketing and how you communicate and approach your followers. Stay on top of the information provided through Facebook’s Page Insights.

It may also be worthwhile to cross reference this info with data gleaned from other social media platforms to really get to know your customers and create a well rounded and thorough approach. As you tailor your approach and users interact and engage with your brand through social media, the information collected through Page Insights will change. You need to alter your plan to adapt and change in order to best serve your customers.

People Typically Do Not Want a Sales Pitch. Instead, Provide Useful Content to Help Followers Get to Know Your Brand and Develop Trust.

When a consumer is in the research phase of their buying journey, they will likely consult many sources to learn about the options available. An effective content marketing strategy allows your brand to provide this information and funnel your friends into the purchase phase at their own pace. Useful, quality content helps users understand what they need and how your company can help them.

This allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions and minimizes the odds of returns and other issues, but it also establishes your brand as a trustworthy and reliable source. Quality content can take the form of text-based social media posts, as well as shared blog posts, info graphics and videos all of which address the problems your customers face, as well as the solutions your business provides.

Learn How to Close the Deal

The final phase of the buyer’s journey is perhaps the most important. Once your friends have figured out how your products or services can help them and provide value in a way no other brand is capable of doing, you need to close the deal. Your call to action needs to be brief, to the point and simple. Incentives, like consultations, free trials and coupons can help sway consumers.

How Do I Optimize My Facebook Marketing to Turn Friends Into Customers?

Facebook is a powerful tool that puts you in direct contact with your followers, making it easier to convert these friends into customers. Want to learn more about converting your Facebook friends into customers? Visit us at Automate Your Social, and we can show you how to put these tips into practice!