How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business Succeed

How a Social Media Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business Succeed

Running a small business requires a tremendous amount of work and self-sufficiency. Entrepreneurs often find themselves taking on all sorts of tasks to keep everything together while moving the business forward. Social media marketing is a key component of a growth strategy. You may be inclined to take on your social media marketing just like you do everything else for your small business, but it may not really be worth it. Here’s how a social media marketing agency can help your business succeed.

Work with Experts

You know and understand your industry inside and out, and you are an expert in the field. A social media marketing agency is comprised of experts who are the best at what they do. When you work with an agency, you will receive quality work from professionals who understand what they are doing. Agency pros follow trends and developments, and they understand how social media platform algorithms work. A talented social media marketing agency will use all of this skill and knowledge to best position your brand for growth.

Time Management

With enough time, you can likely learn what you need to know about utilizing social media marketing to expand your business. However, you may not have the luxury of time. Finding time to do everything you need to do for your small business can be hard. The longer your task list grows, the greater the odds of things being forgotten or overlooked. If you are feeling overwhelmed and overworked, it’s also very possible that you may rush through tasks, and the quality of your work may suffer.

Outsourcing your social media marketing to an agency can free up significant blocks of your time. You can get high-level updates, and focus on scaling your business, implementing process improvements, hiring a talented team and the other necessary tasks related to running your business. All while the agency tackles the day-to-day mundane social media marketing work. Everything that needs to happen in order for your business to succeed will still happen, but you are not left doing it all on your own.

Make the Best Use of Resources

As your small business grows, you will need to hire employees to handle specific jobs. A logical question that many small business owners face is whether to hire a marketing manager or bring on an agency. There is no universal answer, and it really depends on what stage of growth your business is at and the specific needs of your company.

Hiring an employee is expensive. Between on-boarding and training, benefits and paying a fair and competitive salary, there are a lot of expenses that go into expanding your team. All of these expenses may be for nothing if the employee doesn’t work out or quits the position.

An agency, on the other hand, can do the work of a marketing manager, but for significantly less money. This allows your small business to make the best use of your capital. Many small businesses may also find they just simply do not have the resources to pay for an experienced marketing manager. Hiring a recent graduate may be more aligned with your budget and can completely work out, but hiring unproven talents carries a risk. Working with a social media marketing agency can enable you to work with talented and experienced individuals who may otherwise be out of your budget.

Scale Your Marketing to Fit Your Needs

Another possible pitfall to hiring employees is ensuring there is enough work to keep your team busy. A small business can lose money if a salaried employee is completely caught up and runs out of productive work. Sending an hourly employee home due to lack of work may cause that employee to start looking for a more consistent job in order to make ends meet. Either way, a small business will lose money in both situations.

By comparison, a social media marketing agency is available when needed. Whether you need a few hours of work per week or more, an agency can meet your needs, and you only pay for the work that is completed. As the needs of your small business change, the agency can keep pace and continue to help your business succeed.

Bring in the Professionals

Taking on your own social media marketing takes time, knowledge and dedication. You have the best of intentions and want to grow your business but bringing on a social media marketing agency may provide a more cost-effective solution. Hiring a professional agency will grant you access to talented marketing experts who can push your business to the next level without harming your bottom line. Want to learn more about how a social media marketing agency can help your business succeed? Get in touch to find out what our team at Automate Your Social can do for your business!