How Social Media Marketing Can Give Your Business the Boost it Needs

How Social Media Marketing Can Give Your Business the Boost it Needs

Most, if not all of your customers are on social media, so when it comes to marketing your brand, you need to go where your customers hang out. Social media marketing is proven to expand the reach of a brand, and just a few hours a week can make a significant difference. Still not convinced social media marketing is worth your time? Here are just a few ways social media marketing can give your business the boost it needs.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Quality content in the form of your website copy and blog posts will score well with search engines and help direct users to your site. This is great, but this process takes time. Sharing links to your site and blog posts will make users aware of your new and useful content right away. This immediate traffic will help to reinforce your brand as an authority and industry expert in your field, but it will also show search engine crawlers the value your site provides. Sharing links to your site on social media helps drive traffic to your site in the short term, but it can also help give your page ranking a boost which will drive organic traffic to your site in the long term.

Become an Authority

Through blog posts and other content on your site, you can provide useful information to your customers. By educating your followers, you can help them to understand the value your brand provides. Despite your best efforts to educate and inform, your followers may still have questions. Taking the time to answer questions will help that specific individual in the moment, but this useful information may resurface in future search engine queries and across other social media channels. This will reinforce your brand’s image as an industry expert and provide useful information for customers.

Build Authentic Relationships

Part of your social media marketing strategy needs to include promoting your business, sharing promotion codes and so on. Social media marketing is also an opportunity to get to know and form relationships with your customers, as well as industry experts and influencers. When you get to know people and make real connections, your brand will become more than just a business and a part of the community. Reaching this level of community involvement comes with customer and expert endorsements and exposure.

Learn About Your Customers

Social media puts you in direct contact with your followers, making it a great way to learn more about your demographic. Checking out your customer’s posts can give you insight into the products and services they buy from you, your competitors and other brands, as well as their other interests. You can use this information to tailor your content and marketing strategy to appeal to your customers and help fine-tune your understanding of your demographic.

Customer Service Element

This direct connection between brands and customers has brought a customer service element to social media. Consumers reach out to brands to address problems, concerns and a variety of other issues. Brands need to stay on top of this and address comments in a timely manner. Even if you don’t know the answer, simply replying as such and letting the customer know you are looking into the matter can go a long way to help retain customers. One study found that in some instances, a prompt reply via social media can really pay off and not only benefit customer retention but also positively impact sales.

Establish Brand Loyalty

Maintaining an active social media account keeps your brand in front of your followers. Even when followers do not directly engage with your brand or follow links, just seeing your profile picture and posts will remind them about your brand. This regular reminder will keep your brand front of mind, so when those customers need your products or services, they will think of you and seek you out.

Level the Playing Field

In many regards, social media marketing levels the playing field. Large, established brands will have plenty of resources and an established following to quickly build their followers and start engaging. However, businesses of any size can still set up accounts, log in, and get to work connecting with customers. As a small business, you need to be wise about how you manage your limited resources, but when you play to your strengths, you can increase the awareness and recognition of your brand.

Give Your Marketing a Boost

Social media is an investment in your brand that can help today and in the future. Going through your feed to like and share posts, answer questions and share links to your blog posts may seem like a waste of time, but these minor actions, along with other tasks, can help promote your business and provide a marketing boost well into the future.