How to Decide What Content to Highlight on Facebook Live

How to Decide What Content to Highlight on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an amazing tool that enables businesses to connect with their audience. This connection can help build trust, turn your followers into brand ambassadors, close sales and improve your bottom line. While Facebook Live is capable of doing all of these great things, it is only effective if you provide quality content. Knowing where to start on Facebook Live can be a challenge, so here’s a rundown of what types of content to highlight.

1. Answer FAQs and Respond to Comments

If one of your customers asks a question either through social media or your website, it’s likely others have the same question, but just didn’t ask. Use Facebook Live to answer these questions. Talking through the answers can help clear things up and make it easier for existing customers to use your products or services. This information may also encourage customers to take the leap and make a purchase.

According to Facebook, videos should be about 10 minutes in length. Complicated questions with long answers may provide enough content to round out one video. You may find it necessary to group similar and less technical or involved questions into a single video in order to hit the 10-minute mark.

Answering questions can be an ongoing series in which you routinely address questions posed by your followers. Keep the content flowing by encouraging users to reach out with questions you can answer in future videos. Also, make sure to direct users to the FAQ page of your site if you have one. This can help users gain a better understanding of your offerings and drive traffic to your site.

2. Share Tips and Hacks

People always enjoy quick and easy tips to make their lives easier. Use Facebook Live to share informative tips and hacks with your followers. For instance, if your business involves customers sending artwork in a file, host a video where you show users how to quickly, correctly and easily set up their file and send it to you.

Up the level of engagement by encouraging users to share their own tips, tricks and shortcuts in the comments. These user-supplied tips can lead to future videos and maybe even collaborative projects.

3. Highlight Your Team

Interview team members to help users put a face to the name and learn more about how your business works. The interview can cover the role the employee fills at your company, what they do in a normal day, how long they have been with the company, what they did before and maybe a bit about their personal life, like hobbies, favorite movies and other information.

Being interviewed in a live video can be nerve-wracking for some people. Help eliminate stress and ensure your Facebook Live interview goes smoothly by putting together a list of questions ahead of time and giving it to your team member to review. When your coworker knows what questions are coming, he or she will be more at ease and better prepared to provide thorough and thoughtful answers.

4. Give a Tour

Show your customers what your store, office or other facilities look like by giving a tour on Facebook Live. People love getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into areas they would not normally be able to access, so show your users around. You may take for granted how interesting the production floor of your facility can be, or the stunning views from your office, but for your followers, this first-time look can be very interesting.

5. Show a Sneak Peek

Give users a look at what you are working on in R&D, your latest inspiration board, your new location while it is under renovation or your latest product prior to launch. Seeing new products before they are available or what items and services may be available in the future will get users excited about your brand and offerings. This level of transparency can also build loyalty.

6. Promote Events and Campaigns

Creating hype and awareness around upcoming events and campaigns will get users interested and excited. Create a Facebook Live video sharing the details for any events or sales coming up or explaining what new and exciting projects are in the works. You can also add links to the comments, so users can head to your site to learn more, RSVP, place a preorder or whatever other steps are relevant for your upcoming events and campaigns.

Find the Right Content

Facebook Live is a great way to provide useful and engaging content. Finding quality content for Facebook Live that will interest viewers takes some work, but this work can pay major dividends. If you need help deciding what content to highlight on Facebook Live, reach out to the Automate Your Social team and we can help!