How to Get the Most Out of Facebook to Market Your Business

How to Get the Most Out of Facebook to Market Your Business

People flock to Facebook, making it a great place for customers and potential customers to connect with your business. Find out how to get the most out of Facebook to market your business, using these simple tips.

Have a Plan

Perhaps the most important part of your strategy to market your business on Facebook is to have a strategy. Figure out a realistic goal you want to achieve, and create a plan that will allow you to reach that goal. By narrowing in on your goal, you can focus your efforts. For example, if your goal is to expand your newsletter list, this should be the emphasis of your outreach. Mapping out a plan lets you see everything as a whole and can enable you to make adjustments as necessary to create the best plan possible.

Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

In order for your Facebook marketing efforts to be effective, you need to have followers. Make sure your existing customers know you have a Facebook page and make it easy for them to find you by directing people there. There are several ways you can send your current customers to your Facebook page.

Social Media Icons

Add social media icons to your website to direct your site traffic to your Facebook page. Icons should be placed in a highly visible area, like the top of the homepage. Social media icons, or even links, can be added to your email signature, too. People visiting your site or receiving emails from you and your team already know your business, and if you get them to your Facebook page, they are likely to follow and engage with your brand.

In-Store Promotion

Do you have a storefront or a brick and mortar location that your customers usually visit? Put up signage letting people know how to find you on Facebook, as well as on other social media platforms. Your loyal customers may be interested in following you online so that they can stay in the know about upcoming events and promotions. Business cards and packaging are other visible locations to include your social media contact info to increase awareness and send customers to your Facebook page.

Make It Easy to Share

Include social media sharing buttons on your site, so users can easily share your content with their networks. There are plenty of free plug-ins you can download to give users the option to share your blog posts or pages with their followers. When a user shares a page from your site, the link and a preview, along with the user’s post, will display in their feed for their network to see. This can drive traffic back to your site and introduce your brand to new customers.

Get to Know Insights

Thanks to Page Insights, you can determine when your followers are more likely to be online. Using this info, you can post at times when your followers will be online and increase the odds of them seeing your posts. Page Insights provide lots of useful information around the reach and level of engagement your posts receive. When you understand the types of posts that effectively reach your followers and promotes participation, you can replicate this formula.

Use Emoticons

Add emoticons or emojis to your posts to make them more interesting and engaging. On average, users comment and share posts with emojis up to 33 percent more. The odds of users liking a post increase by 57 percent when emojis are included.

Get to the Point

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook has a very generous character count limit for posts. However, posts should be brief and to the point. Posts with fewer than 80 characters tend to have a 23 percent higher interaction rate. In some very specific instances, it may be appropriate to share a long post, but this should be the exception.

Play Tag

You can tag other users in your Facebook posts simply by using the @ feature. People like getting tagged in posts, and this is a great way to show appreciation and build a rapport. Tagging users also increases the reach of your post and may get your page in front of people who may not have found it otherwise.

Get Started

Facebook makes it easy to connect and build relationships with your customers, but you need to know what you are doing to have success. By putting these tips to use, you can build your follower list and increase the odds of users interacting with your brand. Creating a large network of engaged followers can build your brand and help your business grow. Learn more at Automate Your Social.