How to Set Up Your Business Profiles with Social Media Marketing Strategies in Mind

How to Set Up Your Business Profiles with Social Media Marketing Strategies in Mind

Your business profile may be the first introduction customers have with your brand, so it needs to make a good first impression. Taking the time to set up your profiles completely and properly can drastically help your brand’s online presence. These profiles are also part of your larger social media marketing plan, so it is important to make sure they align with your overall goals and objectives. Learn more and find out how to set up your business profiles with social media marketing strategies in mind.

Name and Username

The name you use to set up your account is how people will find you. Use your business name as your name. If your business name is your actual name, include something to help distinguish you the person from you the business, like LLC, if applicable, or your title, like motivational speaker or brand guru. Your username should be something obvious that users will identify with your brand.


Every customer-facing aspect of your business should be consistent in terms of your brand. This means using the same logo, color scheme and imagery, as well as the same tone and language. Any variation, will look unprofessional and may cause users to think they are dealing with two separate businesses.


Your social media business profiles need to answer the basic questions anyone visiting your profile may have, like who are you, what products or services do you provide, and why do customers need your products or services. This info should be clearly and succinctly laid out. For example, if your business is a craft brewery that uses only local ingredients, that is the point you want to drive home. If you are a roofing contractor who specializes in residential jobs in a specific area, then this information needs to be made clear in your profile.

Fill Everything Out in Full

Each social media platform collects different information and may feature different character counts or restrictions in how that information is displayed. Whichever social media platforms you are working with, make sure to fully fill out every section. The more information you provide, the more your followers will get to know you, and the more search engines can rank you.

Work with the Space Allowed

If the character count is a few hundred words, make the most of it and boil down your biography into a few very informative sentences. If you have more space to really get into what you do, then go for it. For longer bios, make sure your first paragraph can stand alone and gets to the point. Most readers may not stick around after the introduction, so you want to make sure anyone who bails early still knows who you are and what you are about.

Make It Easy to Learn More

A quality profile should be a stepping stone for more information. Include links to your website, so customers who want to learn more, place an order or read your blog, can do so. You should also include contact information, like your email and phone number. People may want to reach out, so you should make it as easy as possible. Your profile should also include your hours of operation and your time zone, so users know when they can reach you.

Profile and Cover Photos

Including a profile photo is possibly one of the most important things you can do. A business profile without photos looks unprofessional and does not set the right tone. Failing to upload a photo will discourage users from going any further and learning more about your brand. Your profile photo can be your logo. When it comes to selecting a cover photo, you can use a photo of your brick and mortar storefront, pictures of your products, or a recent marketing image.


Some platforms include a section for users to list favorite books, movies, music and so on. People creating personal profiles usually fill the interests section out, but most businesses tend to skip it. You should fill this out as a way to add keyword value to your profile. Link to important documentaries and books relating to your industry, as well as important people like industry influencers and mentors.


A section regarding your background is not available on all social media platforms, but you will find this on Youtube and Twitter. Take advantage of this section to provide more information, so your followers can learn about your business and get to know you.

Set Up Your Profiles

Everything your business does online is connected in one way or another. The more information you provide about your business, the more customers will get to know you and begin to develop a rapport with your brand. Learn more tips about setting up your business profiles with your social media marketing strategies in mind by and getting in touch by visiting our site if you have questions!