How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Sites

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Sites

Finding and connecting with your customers is absolutely necessary to grow your business and increase awareness of your brand and websites. It is also a major challenge. Locating your audience is a big hurdle, but once you find them, you then need to engage with your followers to direct them to your site and help move people through your sales funnel. Facebook makes it easy to find, connect, engage and close sales with your customers – if you know how to use it. Here’s how to use Facebook to promote your sites.

Locate Your Audience

There are hundreds of social media platforms available, and you need to go where your audience is if you want to direct them back to your site. About 68 percent of the adults in the U.S. currently have an account on Facebook, meaning your demographic is likely on Facebook. If you want to connect with these customers, you need to get your company on Facebook, as well.

Fill Out Your ‘About’ Info

Possibly the easiest way to direct users to your site is to include the link in the About section. Anyone who wants to visit your site will seek out this section to find the link. Even if someone isn’t specifically looking, they may be interested once they see the link. Make it easy for people to find your site by providing complete info in your About section.

While you’re at it, make sure to fill out all of your About information completely. A complete About section will make your Facebook page appear more professional and help provide lots of useful information to your followers.

Promote Via Posts

When you publish a new blog post, add a new FAQ or make any updates to your site, promote it with a Facebook post. A quality post needs to feature compelling content and a link to the page you are promoting. Use active language, ask questions and feel free to use intrigue and maybe even fear to encourage clicks. The goal is to get people to be so interested in your post that they follow the link back to your site to learn more.

News Feed Targeting

Facebook enables admin users to target posts to reach a very specific audience. Posts can be targeted to users who follow your feed based on location, education level, employment status, industry, hobbies, likes and even relationship status. For example, if you want to reach single, male programmers between the ages of 25 and 30 who enjoy basketball and live in the Miami area, Facebook can make that happen.

To target your posts, go about writing a post like normal, and look for the drop-down box with the default setting of Public. Select the drop-down and choose News Feed Targeting. At this point, a new prompt will appear, and you can select the details surrounding the users you want to see your post. This is a great way to ensure you reach the people who will be most interested in the content you are promoting and help drive traffic to your site.

Schedule Posts

Another way to make the most of your posts is to schedule them, which can be done directly in Facebook. Scheduling posts enables you to make the most of your time. You can write posts when you’re available and schedule them to go live at another time when your users are more likely to see the posts and engage with them. You can find lots of research around when users on Facebook are the most active. Put this knowledge to use to maximize the effectiveness of your posts and ensure your audience is seeing them at the most ideal times.

Promote Your Community

Be involved in your community to help establish your presence on Facebook. Follow vendors, members of your industry and customers to help make others aware of your brand. Like, share and comment on the posts of others. This practice can help generate engagement on your posts, since some users and industry professionals may be inclined to return the favor and like, share and comment on your posts. Being engaged with others raises your visibility. The more visibility your brand enjoys, the more people in your network and beyond will be aware of your brand. You can then use this awareness to direct users to your site through your posts.

Promote Your Site Using Facebook

Facebook can be an extremely effective tool to promote your site. With so many users, Facebook can put you into direct contact with your followers and help make users aware of your site. Learn more and find out how our team at Automate Your Social can help you make the most out of Facebook to promote your site.