How to Use Social Media Apps to the Advantage of Your Business

How to Use Social Media Apps to the Advantage of Your Business

Social media has become an integral part of your marketing strategy and for good reason, but it takes time for social media to help grow and sustain your business. Staying on top of trends and figuring out how to properly leverage your brand requires time and effort. You will always need to invest time in your social media business accounts to some degree, but learning how to make the most of the social media apps available can pose a huge advantage to your business.

Take Social To Go

All social media platforms have app versions, which allow you to access your accounts through your phone. Using these apps allows you to stay in the know when your posts are shared and hop on to answer questions as they come in. Accessing accounts through apps allows you to make the best use of your time. If you find yourself sitting in a waiting room or early to pick your kids up from practice, you can get on your social accounts and engage with followers in a few spare minutes.

Mind Your Grammar

Typos and grammar errors can cause your posts to garner attention for the wrong reasons. Make sure your posts are free of mistakes and ready for the public eye by using the Grammarly Keyboard app. This app utilizes a special keyboard and will review your posts for grammatical mistakes and misspellings.

Add Visual Interest

Using images, videos and graphics can greatly increase engagement. Several apps out there make it easy to create stunning visuals to use in your posts. Create eye-catching video clips complete with text and special effects using Apple Clips. Easily edit long videos into Instagram stories using CutStory or give your videos a professional edge using Adobe Premiere Clip. Edit photos and create graphics using Canva. Visual content will dramatically increase engagement, so taking the time to create high-quality images will certainly pay off.

Follow Trends

Monitor keywords, hashtags and URLs with the Keyhole. This app will track the performance of whatever variables you want to track across social media platforms. You can then use this data to be aware of trends and maximize engagement, or to follow the performance of your campaigns.

Schedule Posts

Most social media platforms allow users to schedule posts. This functionality is not always available on the app version, but other apps, like Buffer and Hootsuite, make it possible to link social accounts and schedule posts. Scheduling your social media posts delivers a host of benefits.

Save Time

Make the most of your availability by scheduling posts when you have time. Depending on the type of work you do and a variety of other factors, you may not be available when your followers are most likely to be active. Instead of missing out of this possible engagement, schedule posts so they will hit your followers’ feeds at the most opportune time.

Make the Best Use of Time

Scheduling your social media posts also ensures you will not forget to post. For instance, let’s say you have a big product launch and you’ve already set the date and time this new item will be available. Go ahead and schedule posts promoting the launch. This way, if something comes up and you are pulled away from your social accounts, this launch is still being promoted.

Manage Time Zones

If your customers are spread out in different time zones, you may be unable to reach them at times which are convenient to you. Scheduling posts to go live at ideal times in other time zones can position your content in front of your core audience at the best times.

Look at the Big Picture

Scheduling your social posts gives you the advantage of seeing everything all together. Loading up your queue gives you the chance to see if there are any gaps in your posts or if you are straying from your goals or voice. Seeing everything planned out for the day or week or month can help you identify patterns, like maybe you are being too self-promotional. This enables you to take a more strategic stance, and adjust your posts to best serve your brand and meet your goals.

Use Analytics

Using analytics in tandem with your social media apps can help you reach your audience. Hootsuite Analytics and Twitonomy are just two examples of social media apps that give you the ability to analyze data around your posts. Through evaluating past posts and determining what worked and when, you can replicate this success when you schedule future posts. Positioning your content in front of your audience at the right times increases the odds of engagement.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Business Accounts

Have do you use social media apps to the advantage of your business? Have you implemented any of these strategies? Or do you want to learn more? We’re here to help!