Reasons to Include Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Reasons to Include Video in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video presentations are part of a complete and effective social media marketing strategy and will increase the awareness and recognition surrounding your brand. Many brands are incorporating video in their social media posts, and in order to remain competitive, you need to do the same. More important than maintaining a competitive edge, is the value that videos deliver. Leveraging video as part of your marketing strategy will inform and educate your customers about your brand while also establishing a relationship with your followers. Here is why you need to include video in your social media marketing strategy.

What are the Benefits of Including Video as a Part of My Social Media Outreach?

Videos relay information and leave an impression. Humans are visual and watching a video is an effective medium for customers to learn about your company’s products or services. Through spoken word, images and graphics, viewers can quickly learn lots of information. Viewers are more likely to retain information gained through watching a video. The alternative to videos is text, and while there is certainly a place in your marketing outreach for blog posts and newsletters, text may not always get the job done.

Viewers are also more likely to connect with a brand by watching a video. They will see the people behind the company and form a rapport with them and the brand. Videos make brands appear more approachable, give them some personality and help to establish trust. When consumers trust your brand, you have the groundwork for a long-term relationship. Interesting and useful information is what content marketing is all about, and when executed properly, videos help to ensure customers seek you out for the quality content you provide.

How Videos Impact Conversion

Simply seeing your product or services in action can sway a customer to make a purchase. The customer may understand the value that your products deliver, but seeing is believing. A quick demonstration or explanation about a specific feature or service can convince a customer to move forward with a purchase. A well-done video can also more clearly explain a confusing feature, or help a consumer understand just what exactly your product can do and how this benefits their lives.

Viewers are More Likely to Engage with Videos

Videos receive more shares than other types of social media posts. Users are significantly more likely to share a video compared to a text-based post. The benefits of users sharing videos are two-fold. When a user shares a video, it is an indication that they are interested and engaged with the content you provided. Shares also put your videos in front of a wider audience.

Social media platforms are ruled by algorithms, and these algorithms give more credit and weight to videos shared by users. When your users share a video, they place your brand and content in front of their network, and the algorithms will ensure that more people see your video. Sharing a video is essentially an endorsement of your brand by your followers, and this will help to introduce, captivate and engage with a larger audience.

Put the Versatility of Video to Work for Your Brand

Most users check their social media feeds on mobile devices, and video is a mobile-friendly medium. Blocks of text can easily take up the entire screen of a smartphone and require lots of scrolling, and this may turn a user off before they even start reading. By comparison, video is easy to watch on screens of any size, particularly smartphones. The ability to take your message to go, in the form of a video, increases the odds of your followers watching the clip.

Smartphones and tablets dominate the landscape, but people still log time on desktops and laptops. Video displays well across all devices and systems, ensuring whatever device your customers are using, they can watch your videos.

Rank Up with Video

With so much written content on the Internet, it can be hard to rank your site or specific pages using keywords. Video, on the other hand, is much easier to rank on search engines. Include appropriate keywords in the title and description to increase the odds of users organically finding your video via search engines.

Another perk of videos is that after a viewer sees the clip, they are more likely to visit your site. This click-through gives your SEO a boost and helps improve your standing with search engines.

How Do I Start Incorporating Video into My Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Video is an effective tool, and when used as part of your social media strategy it can increase the awareness and recognition of your brand. Videos full of high-quality information make your brand accessible. If you want to feature videos in your social media outreach, we can help! Reach out to learn just how easy it is to incorporate videos into your social media marketing strategy.

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