Social Media Marketing Strategies Customers Cannot Resist

Social Media Marketing Strategies Customers Cannot Resist

Social media is a phenomenal resource that puts you in direct contact with current and prospective customers. While social media can be a marketing dream, you still need to define a marketing strategy to leverage these tools to best reach your customers and promote your brand. Learn how to create and implement social media marketing strategies your customers cannot resist to build your brand and expand your reach.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

Before you can create a marketing strategy, you need to establish a goal or goals. These goals are what you hope to achieve through your social media efforts. Your goal can be to grow your newsletter list or to increase your customers. Your goals should be very specific and reasonable. The more defined and realistic goals you set, the greater the likelihood of you reaching them. If you easily achieve your goals, you can always reevaluate and set new goals.

Once you have figured out what goals you want to reach, you can then create a social media marketing plan, or strategy, to help you make these goals a reality. The benefit of having a strategy is you can document what you plan to do and monitor the results. When you review the results, you can then determine what worked and what didn’t work and adjust your strategy to help you achieve your goals.

The Value of Strong Headlines

Written content matters when marketing. From blog posts to social media posts, quality content helps define your brand, and the words you use are important. Good content establishes your brand as an authority in your field and helps customers and prospects learn to trust you. However, headlines matter just a bit more than everything else. Well structured headlines create interest and pull readers in. Quality headlines need to make clear what the reader will receive in exchange for reading the post. A strong headline will cause readers to click a link to find out just what the article or blog post is about.

Turn Followers into Influencers

Across most social media platforms personal posts are more widely seen than business posts. Sharing posts through your business account is completely necessary to increase the awareness of your brand and to engage with your followers. However, when your followers promote your brand, those posts will reach a wider audience and position your brand in front of new potential customers.

Social media is about sharing experiences, so encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand. When social media users share your posts or reference your brand in new posts, they are vouching for your brand, and this has a more authentic quality. If necessary, you can sweeten the deal and offer a coupon code or free gift in exchange for a review or feedback.

Use Videos to Spread Your Message

Video is a fun and exciting way to engage with your followers, and this format is great for conveying information quickly and succinctly. Make the most of your videos by giving them structure. A video should have an introduction, identify a problem or issue and provide a solution. Your products or services are the solution. Using this structure will appeal to viewers and get them to stick with the video until the end.

Videos that consist of one camera angle are boring. Even if the script is interesting and engaging, you may lose viewers if the camera doesn’t change angles or if graphics aren’t used to break up the visual monotony. Upping the production quality through the creation of graphics, using multiple cameras and editing takes more effort and adds to the expense, but the end result will secure more views and effectively market your brand.

Creating videos that tug at your customer’s heartstrings can also be effective, but emotional videos are more of a challenge to pull off. If you decide to move forward with an emotional video, give it some thought and select a theme and emotions that make sense for your brand and the specific video you wish to create.

Brands should be equally wary of creating humorous videos. If not executed well, the content will fall flat, and your viewers will not get the joke. This can lead to your video raking up views for all of the wrong reasons. If you know your demographic and audience and you are confident you can use humor to create an appealing video then go for it. The end goal should be to spur your customers to take action, either in the form of sharing the video, making a purchase or something else that benefits your brand and gets you closer to reaching your goals.

Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that when leverage effectively can increase engagement and interest in your brand. Creating a strong social media strategy and

putting these marketing tips to work for your plan can help you connect and engage with your customers. Contact us today and learn more by checking out our site.