Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

Social media dominates the current cultural and marketing landscape. It’s everywhere, and just about everyone and every brand has an account on one social media platform or another. Navigating social media to market and grow your business can be tricky, but that’s where these social media marketing strategies for small businesses can help.

Make Your Brand Recognizable

Studies show that consumers like to work with brands they know. You can have amazing products and services, but if customers don’t know you exist or are unfamiliar with what you provide, then you will fail to make sales. The solution is to make sure members of your target demographic know who you are and what you’re about. Social media is an excellent vehicle to establish and increase your brand’s recognition.

Integrate your brand into your social media profiles, include your logo on images, videos, infographics and memes. Be authentic to your brand and your company’s mission and consistently use a voice and tone that accurately represents your brand. The goal is to make sure when a user sees anything you post to social media, they know it came from you.

Generate Quality Leads

The ability to significantly target your marketing efforts enables you to generate high-quality leads. Social media platforms provide detailed information about their users. Leverage this information to determine which platforms your customers use and set up accounts on those platforms. In order to reach your target demographic, you need to be on the same platforms as your customers.

Create Engaging and Valuable Content

The way to reach your target demographic on social media is through creating interesting and useful content. Posting and sharing useful information will pull users in and get them to like and share your posts. These interactions allow you to form a bond with individual customers and help progress those users through your sales funnel.

Work the Algorithms

The value of engaging content is two-fold. Forming a rapport with members of your target demographic is very useful and worthwhile in terms of helping your standing on the respective platform. As users like, comment and share your posts, these actions show the value of your content to the social media platforms’ algorithm. Each platform has a unique algorithm, but they all prioritize engaging content. The more action your posts receive, the more distribution the platform will award your posts, which means more members of your demographic will be exposed to your brand.

Direct Traffic

You need to work your website and social media accounts in tandem to grow your business. Make it easy for users to share content from your blog posts to social media by adding icons that link to social media platforms. You can also add Click to Tweet capability, so your readers can share an interesting or insightful quote from your blog to their social media accounts. Both of these actions turn your readers into brand ambassadors and put your brand in front of your user’s network to expand your reach.

Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Social media platforms aren’t the only ones using algorithms. Search engines also use proprietary algorithms which sort through and rank websites and pages in order to determine how useful the information is for their users. Since the details of all of these algorithms are unknown, there is some debate about just how effective social media is at improving your website’s ranking, but it ultimately does play a role.

Directing social media users to your website increases traffic to your site. This is valuable and can help convert users to customers. This traffic also shows search engine’s that your site is useful and provides valuable information, which in turn, will benefit your website’s ranking. The higher your site ranks with specific keywords, the more likely new users will find your site through search engines.

Monitor the Competition

Your competitors are probably on social media, so take some time to check what they’re doing. You can learn a lot from monitoring other brands on social media, but your competitors are uniquely positioned, because they have the same audience. Keep an eye on the sort of content they are posting, how often they post, how they engage with their followers and other members of the industry, and more.

Whatever you do, do not blatantly copy your competitor’s social media marketing strategy, but learn from them. If you zero in on something they do well, then figure out a way to adapt that to best fit and serve your brand. Also, make note of anything they do that just fails to hit the mark and make sure not to implement anything similar into your strategy.

Putting Social Media to Work

Social media is an integral part of any effective marketing strategy. The ability to find and connect with members of your target demographic, while also advancing users through your sales funnel, will help grow your business. Do you need help implementing these social media marketing strategies to grow your small business? Reach out, and we can help you figure out how to best use social media for your business.