Strategies For Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Strategies For Using Twitter to Market Your Business

With an estimated 335 million active monthly users, Twitter is a marketing juggernaut. All social media platforms have the ability to connect brands directly to their customers, but with so many users, it is likely many of your customers spend time on Twitter. Learn how to leverage Twitter to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand, drive users to your site and build sales.

Make the Most of Your Bio

Before you even start tweeting, the very first thing to do is fill in your bio. Your bio should tell visitors who you are and make it clear what your brand is about. The tone of your bio and your profile image should be consistent with your overall branding. Include links to your website so people can learn more.

Tweet Daily

Tweets are a reminder of your brand, so when you tweet daily, you will help position your brand in front of your customers, even if for a brief moment. Consistently tweeting shows users you are active and keeps your brand at the front of the mind of your followers. Going days, weeks or even months without posting may cause followers to forget about your brand or question if you are even still in business.

Tweet Quality Content

Daily tweeters matter, but the content you share is equally important. Habitually sharing high-quality and useful content will establish your brand as a reliable source. This content can come from your own blog, or you can share useful information from industry publications and other sites. When your followers realize you always share good content, they will begin to seek you out when they have questions. This isn’t to say you cannot share a funny meme, a motivational image or holiday wishes, but the majority of your posts should provide value.

Use Search

Twitter offers a search feature that is easy to set up. Search terms related to your business and be ready to join the conversation when you have something relevant to add. This will help you reach new prospects while also further establishing your brand as a reliable source of information.

Get Visual

Include images, video and emojis in your tweets whenever possible. People are visual, and an image or video is more effective at catching people’s interest and pulling them in than just a block of text. Including visual content in your tweets translates into more clicks, favorites and retweets.

Engage with Your Followers

Constantly talking about your brand and pushing your agenda will get boring for your followers. Everyone understands that your ultimate goal is to promote your business, but mix things up and engage with your followers. Favorite and retweet relevant posts, answer questions, ask questions and find ways to connect with your audience. This type of interaction will help provide varied content in your feed, but it also helps to make your brand seem approachable.

Engage with Influencers

Find out who in your industry is a big deal. These people may be experts, customers, bloggers, journalists, other members of the media and even competitors. Follow these people and engage with them. Engaging with your industry-specific influencers can introduce or reintroduce your brand to a new crop of potential customers. Forming a close rapport with industry influencers can also result in guest blogging or collaboration opportunities, which can further expand your reach.

Get Your Team Involved

Make sure your employees follow your feed and encourage them to favorite, retweet and interact with your brand. Every favorite and retweet helps your standing and will spread your message to a larger audience.

Return the Favor

When someone follows you, make sure to follow them back and check out their posts to see if there is anything worth liking or sharing. Follow up when users tag you in a post or retweet one of your posts. These steps will help get your relationship off to a good start and maintain a good rapport between your brand and your followers.

Ask for Help

Encourage your followers to retweet your tweets or share your blog posts across Twitter to increase engagement. Every share and retweet helps increase your brand’s recognition. Sometimes just asking is enough to get your followers to lend a hand and help out.

Check the Metrics

Twitter offers analytics that can help you understand what is working, and possibly more importantly, what is not working. Check it out to figure out the best days of the week and times of day to tweet. When you see what your followers are responding to, you can replicate the formula. Identifying what does not work helps you know when to move on and try something else.

Start Strategizing

Twitter can prove to be an invaluable marketing resource if you know how to properly use it. Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have a tip that didn’t make this roundup? Let us know! Learn more and find out how Automate Your Social can help take your marketing to the next level.