Twitter Search Tips to Get Your Business More Followers

Twitter Search Tips to Get Your Business More Followers

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most valuable platforms you have available to you is Twitter. As one of the “big three” (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), you can reach a massive audience, thanks to the 336 million users on the site.

However, while there are tons of people on Twitter, how can you make sure that they’re following you? There are several tried and true methods, but today we’re going to discuss how you can use searching to your advantage. Here are the top tricks that will help you increase your follower count.

Search for Your Business

One of the primary purposes of Twitter is for people across the platform to have a conversation about a particular topic, either using hashtags or referencing something or someone directly. Thus, if you start searching for your company name, that will help you find people who are already talking about your brand, even if they aren’t tagging you or messaging you.

However, when searching for yourself, you may have to use a few different methods to ensure that you’re finding the right results. For example, if you have a relatively generic name, there could be other companies out there with the same handle.

Instead, you might try one of these methods.

  • Search for your Twitter handle. By using @yourbusiness instead of just the name, you can see when people are referencing you directly.
  • Use -HTTP when searching. Adding this tag to the search will narrow it down by your website address.
  • Use quotation marks. Generally, Twitter will search for tweets that have one or more of the words listed. By using quotation marks, it will only search for that name. Thus, instead of tweets with “your” and “business,” it will only curate ones with “your business” together.

Monitor Your Follower’s Conversations

One of the best ways to increase your follower count is to interact and engage with them. When people see a brand participating in a conversation or being more interactive, they are far more likely to follow and share their content.

An excellent way to do this is to go to your followers and see what they’re talking about so that you can use it as a means of joining in. While you don’t want to be too obtuse about it, any discussions that are related to your industry could be a starting point. Also, it will provide insight into what your followers are interested in, meaning that you can tailor your message and content around it.

Pay special attention to things that people are sharing and tagging in their tweets. Over time, you’ll be able to understand what gets shared and talked about the most, enabling you to create tweets and posts that will get a lot of feedback.

Search for Your Content

People will share things without crediting the creator all the time. As a business, you want to tap into this market, particularly if your content is unique to your industry or your brand. The easiest way to do this is to search for the exact URL you posted and see who is sharing it.

Since you already know that these users are interested in what you have to offer, now is an opportunity to reach out and engage with them. Some of them may be leads, while others may just want to follow you and find out more. Either way, it’s a winning situation for you.

Look at Trending Topics

Twitter is helpful at showing which content and hashtags are trending the most. This will help you get involved in the conversation and build your follower base because you’ll be part of something people are actively searching for on the site.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you want to be knowledgeable about each topic before you chime in. Twitter is a place for some deep social conversations about touchy subjects, so you don’t want to seem tone deaf in your approach.

Instead, focus on trends that are related to your industry or relatively light-hearted, like a national food day. This will help you steer clear of dangerous topics that could backfire.

Monitor Conversations in Your Orbit

Another tool that Twitter offers is the ability to see what’s trending near you. As a local business, you can benefit immensely because you’re reaching followers who are close by, rather than people who could be across the continent.

Not only will local searches make it easier to find qualified leads and followers, but it will enable you to see what’s happening and what people are talking about in your particular area. Thus, instead of participating in a national conversation about a topic, you can be much more relatable to users that are close by.

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