We Want You to Top the Facebook Search Results

We Want You to Top the Facebook Search Results

When it comes to marketing your business, Facebook is one of the most valuable and reliable tools you have at your disposal. However, while creating a profile or a page to interact with your followers is an excellent first step, how can you be sure that you’re maximizing your potential on the site?

Today we want to show you how to utilize Facebook’s search algorithms to your advantage. This system is similar to SEO on sites like Google, but because it’s based on social media, there are a few elements that are unique to Facebook. Let’s see how you can get top ranking.

Make Sure Your Information is Accurate

When building your business page (or profile), you will have to enter in various details about who you are, where you’re located, and how to reach you. If you want to be relevant in searches, you have to make sure that all of these details are accurate and up-to-date. If not, then you will rank lower because Facebook won’t think that you’re the real deal.

Some other things to keep in mind when entering your business information.

  • Make Your Name Searchable – think about how your leads and customers are going to try to find you on Facebook. If possible, try to incorporate additional keywords such as your location into your page name (i.e., John’s Business Los Angeles).
  • Make Multiple Pages for Different Locations – if you have more than one storefront, then you don’t want to split results by having different searches lead to the same page. For example, if you’re in LA and San Francisco, you don’t want LA people finding out information about your Frisco location and vice versa.
  • Use Geotagging – Facebook will rank searches based on your proximity to the person searching, so if you can verify your location with geotags or a map, it will help you rank higher for leads in your area.

Use Keywords Strategically

Like Google, you can maximize your search results by deploying targeted keywords throughout your content. Doing this will make your page seem more relevant to the search algorithms, which means that you want to be using keywords on a regular basis. Here are the best places to do that.

Profile Info

While your “about” section should be short and to the point, you want to fit a few critical keywords in there as well. For example, if you run a pizza delivery service in Los Angeles, your “about” section could be like this.

John’s Pizza Delivery was created in Los Angeles in 2018. We’re committed to providing fast delivery to our customers in the LA area, including Westwood, Santa Monica, and Hollywood. Order online or visit us at johnspizzadelivery.com. We have all your favorites, including pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, and our signature dish – John’s California Pizza. Visit Us Today!

As you can see, there are a lot of quality keywords in there that will help the business get noticed in searches. Adding this kind of variety will ensure that your page gets ranked highly for more results, such as online ordering, pizza delivery in Santa Monica, etc.


Whenever you’re posting as a business, you should utilize keywords as much as possible. You want to avoid “keyword stuffing” as it will come across as inauthentic to your audience, but a few here and there will make a big difference. The more posts you have related to a particular keyword, the more relevant you will be in Facebook’s eyes.

Be Active

One thing that many small businesses forget about social media marketing is the fact that you have to be social. It’s not enough to just create a page, add a few posts on a regular basis, and make sure your information is up to date. You also have to engage with your followers and be active on the site if you want to get the top ranking in searches. The best ways to do this are-

  • Follow Other Pages and People – the more people you follow, the more connections you have and the more that Facebook will see your page as legitimate. When following others, however, try to find ones that are similar. This will help your rankings as Facebook will see that you’re engaged in that particular topic or keyword.
  • Like and Comment on Posts – when your account has a lot of activity, that shows that you’re a legitimate business, and you will rank higher than those who barely do anything.
  • Share Across Platforms – if you share Facebook posts on other sites like Twitter and Instagram (also owned by Facebook), it will make your page more relevant to that topic.

Use Automate Your Social

When running a business, your time is valuable. However, if you want to make sure that your Facebook marketing strategy is working, you have to invest more time in the social aspect of the site. Why not let us handle it for you? We have the tools and the expertise to help you rise to the top of search results, and we’ll make sure that you love the results. Contact us today to get started.