Why Facebook Live is a Great Way to Interact with Your Target Audience

Why Facebook Live is a Great Way to Interact with Your Target Audience

Video is interesting and engaging and quickly relays information, making it a great way to communicate with your target audience. Facebook offers a feature, known as Facebook Live, that essentially allows users to broadcast live video. Taking your videos live enables you to gain all of the benefits of video plus some additional perks. Find out why Facebook Live is a great way to interact with your target audience.

Find Your Audience

Facebook has a tremendous number of users. The latest count puts the number of people on Facebook at 2.27 billion. With all of these users, it’s likely that a large segment of your demographic is using Facebook. Facebook, in general, can prove to be an excellent way to promote your brand, but adding video can further extend your reach.

Keep It Simple

All you need to start live streaming through Facebook Live is to click the text box to start a post and hit the ‘Go Live’ button. This will activate your webcam or the camera on your phone, and you are then live. You don’t need fancy equipment or a soundstage. You can immediately begin talking and interacting with your followers. This can level the playing field and allow your brand to connect with customers in a real and meaningful manner.

Go Live

Not all types of video are the same when it comes to social media. While video in any form, whether live or prerecorded, can dramatically increase engagement when shared on social media, live video performs better. Live streaming video can receive as much as 6 times more interaction than video on demand.

Create Something Special

Live video can be a fun and interesting way to mix things up, especially if you routinely post video recorded ahead of time. The ability to live stream video from your phone means you can give tours or travel during your video. This adds some excitement to the post and may encourage users to watch while knowing that anything could happen.

Unexpected things can and probably will happen during a live stream. Personal foibles and even how you deal with equipment issues or other setbacks help personalize your brand and can further endear your company to your audience.

Latest Trend

Facebook is always adding new features geared toward increasing communication and engagement. The Facebook algorithm is always changing, but it appears to prioritize live video. If you share the same information via a written post or upload a prerecorded video, neither of these posts will enjoy as wide of a distribution as a live video.

Users respond well to visual content and seek it out. Facebook Live is quickly taking over the live streaming platform, and more users report watching live streaming video on Facebook Live than YouTube. Users expect and want video, particularly live video. When you give your users what they want, they will be more likely to engage with your posts.

Increased Engagement

Users can like your post and leave comments during a Facebook Live stream, which allows you to interact with users in real time. If a user likes your post, you can thank them, or you can answer their questions in the comments. Engaging with viewers in real time clearly relays information and increases viewer retention. Facebook strives to create a sense of community. Sharing useful content that provides value and encourages engagement helps contribute to your community. This level of availability can help entrench your brand as a trusted resource and authority and help progress customers through your sales funnel.

Making the Most of Facebook Live

Engagement of live videos increases the longer you are live. As more people watch, like and comment, the engagement increases, and Facebook will actively promote your live video post by placing it in the news feed of more users. As more people see your video, they will watch and interact with the video.

With this in mind, it can be tempting to stretch out your videos in an effort to maximize engagement but resist the urge. As long as you have useful and valuable content to share, you can continue to record but wrap things up at a natural ending point. Videos that run too long may turn viewers off and have a reverse effect.

Reinforce Your Brand

Consistency is always important when it comes to branding, but consistency and authenticity are extremely important when live streaming. Stay true to your company’s mission and core values and represent your brand in a real and accurate way.

When users read posts and see your logo, they internalize your brand, but when they see you and your team talk about your brand, they form an immediate connection. Putting a face to the brand can help customers create a more solid rapport with your company.

Connect with Your Audience

Facebook Live can play an important role in your content marketing strategy. When used properly, live streaming can increase engagement and allow users to connect with your brand. Learn more and find out how we can help you interact with your target audience via Facebook Live.