Why Social Media Accounts are a Must For Your Business

Why Social Media Accounts are a Must For Your Business

Social media has the potential to be a great marketing tool. However, fulfilling this potential can be a challenge. Running your business is enough of a challenge, so you may wonder if it’s even worth your time trying to navigate social media. It turns out that yes, social media is worth your time. Social media increases your brand’s exposure and is an excellent tool to grow your business. Find out why social media accounts are a must for your business.

Grow Your Customer Base

An estimated 69 percent of American adults are on social media, and when it comes to adults aged 18 – 29 years, a staggering 86 percent can be found on social media. This means your demographic is likely using social media, so if you want to reach them, you need to be there, too.

Social media is great for connecting with your existing customers and reinforcing your brand recognition. You can also use social media to pick up new customers. You can always pay for advertising, which will put your message in front of your demographic, or you can organically grow your customer base. Your existing followers have friends and family who are also part of your demographic. Turn your followers into brand ambassadors who like and comment and even share your posts. This will put your brand in front of a wider audience of potential customers.

Everyone Else is Doing It

Your competitors are more than likely on social media. If you do not stake your claim, you’ll miss out. Your customers may flock to your competitors when they are in need of the products or services your brand provides, and you will never have this pipeline to land new customers.

Control the Narrative

Social media allows you to tell your story in your words. This authentic approach to storytelling enables greater control over your brand. Social media is an opportunity to show your brand’s personality and tell stories that convey real emotion. There is no filter or third party when posting to social media, so your brand can be real and genuine. Followers will be more likely to connect and respond to this honest marketing outreach.

Direct Line of Communication

Easily poll your followers, provide top-notch customer service and more, all using social media. Customers can reach out to your brand with their questions or issues and receive real-time responses.

Social media is an opportunity to up your customer service. Whether you love it or hate it, many consumers expect an immediate resolution of questions and issues. Social media makes this possible. At the very least, you can respond to customers to let them know you are looking into an issue if you are unable to provide an immediate and definitive answer.

Track Trends

Have you noticed that your followers keep asking variations of the same question through social media? This can clue you into gaps or confusing information on your website or other marketing materials. By identifying this need, you can craft a solution and better serve your customers.

Sneak Peeks

Generate interest by giving your followers a glimpse of what’s to come. Whether you are adding a new product or service to your lineup, adding a new member to your team, or even moving to a new location or adding new equipment to better keep up with demand, social media is the perfect place to create a buzz. Sharing a sneak peek will get your followers interested and excited about these new offerings or changes.

Close Sales

Social media is a great platform to provide information and support for your followers. A lot of the information provided is essential to help move customers through the sales funnel. When it comes to actually converting sales, this needs to happen on your site or at your brick and mortar location. Use social media to direct followers to your website or place of business to close sales.

Give Your SEO a Boost

Search engines determine how your site and individual pages rank in their results based on how much traffic your site receives. The key to establishing and increasing your ranking is publishing quality and informative content. You can give your ranking a helping hand by promoting your site through social media. Promote blog posts, FAQs and other useful content to direct traffic to your site. Search engines will see this traffic and translate that into an improved ranking. The better your ranking, the more organic traffic your site will receive, which in turn can lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

Leverage Your Business Social Media Accounts

Social media certainly takes work, but when used properly, you can give your business a boost. Establishing and reinforcing a rapport with existing customers, growing your customer base, improving your site ranking, and closing sales are all possible through social media and are all reasons why social media is a must for your business. Learn more about how to implement these techniques to boost your business using social media.