Why You Need to Join the Conversation on Social Media Marketing Services

Why You Need to Join the Conversation on Social Media Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing your business online, one of the best methods at your disposal is social media. With so many people using social platforms to engage with each other, it’s a huge mistake to think that you can avoid them and still have a meaningful way to reach your customers.

Today we’re going to talk about why social media marketing is so essential and how you can utilize it effectively to promote your business.

Social Media Marketing by the Numbers

These days, it seems like social media is taking over the internet. With so many platforms and so many people on them, it can be kind of overwhelming when you think about it. Nonetheless, when it comes to businesses engaging with their customers on social media, the numbers don’t lie:

  • There are about 3.2 billion social media users around the world.
  • 71 percent of users who engage positively with a business on social media are likely to recommend it.
  • Adults age 18-34 are the most active on social media, with 95 percent of them using one or more platforms.
  • There are 50 million business pages on Facebook, with about four million of them using paid advertising.
  • 92 percent of user interaction on Twitter is link clicks.
  • 78 percent of users who file a complaint with a business on Twitter expect a response in an hour or less.
  • Interestingly, hashtags on Twitter don’t seem to have much of an impact on engagement.
  • On Instagram, posts that tag a user or location get more interactions (56% and 79% respectively).

Overall, it’s easy to see why social media can have such a profound impact on your online marketing strategy. The bottom line is that social media is where your customers are, so you should be there to engage with them. If you’re not part of the scene, then you’re missing out to your competitors.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Looking at the statistics, you can understand that there is a lot of potential when you put your brand on social media. But what are the tangible benefits that you can expect? Yes, there are a lot of people on these platforms, but how can you be sure that social media marketing is a viable investment?

Lower Costs

Compared to most other marketing tactics, including other online methods like SEO and email marketing, social media advertising is affordable. First of all, you don’t have to pay anything to get started, and you can promote your brand organically by creating and sharing content. Even then, paying for ads is still cost-effective thanks to the pay-per-click model. As long as your landing pages get leads, you can have a massive ROI.


When people interact with a business through social media, they are much more likely to feel a connection to it. Because you’re utilizing the social aspect of these platforms, you can build customer loyalty and retention much better than you could with traditional advertising methods.

These days, people don’t want to be sold a product or service. They want value from their interaction, and social media is an excellent way to do that.

The other side of this is that you can target your customers with much more precision. Instead of creating an ad that could appeal to everyone (because you’re not sure who will see it), you can make content that speaks to your audience more directly. With social media tools at your disposal, you can discover a ton of information about potential customers and use that to your advantage.

Performance Analysis

One of the best things about marketing via social media is that you can see how your campaigns are working in real time. Rather than investing in a strategy and hoping for the best, you can look at the numbers and adjust your approach accordingly. Seeing what works will help guide you to future success, both with your current and upcoming campaigns. Stop wasting time and money on methods that don’t work.

How to Use Social Media

Knowing all of the benefits and features of social media marketing is one thing, but how can you create a campaign that will yield the results you want? If you’re not familiar with how to use social media, let these guidelines help you.

Understand Each Platform

Facebook and Twitter are fundamentally different. Facebook is a great way to share content with your audience and promote certain products or pages. Twitter, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for engaging with customers and having a conversation. While you can share content, the best way is through link clicks, so you can’t embed things like images or videos very well.

When coming up with a social media marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you understand how each platform works and what users expect from businesses on those sites. Tailoring your message and your engagement to reflect the strengths of each social media account will make it much easier to get the responses you want.

Be Consistent

While there is some variation between platforms, that doesn’t mean that you should make them all different. Your brand voice and identity should be consistent across social media sites, so that build your business organically. The details will be different (i.e., promoting video clips on Facebook and articles on Twitter), but the message should still be the same.

Contact Automate Your Social

Running your business takes a lot of time and energy, and social media marketing is a full-time job. You can’t take a hands-off approach if you want to get the results you deserve, which is why it’s a smart move to hire professionals.

Automate Your Social is a comprehensive service that will utilize all of your social media platforms to full effect. We understand what it takes to boost your audience engagement, and we will make sure that your brand is well represented. Contact us today to find out more and see what we can do for you.

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